Maand: februari 2018

Bilstein – Germans Do It Right

Have you ever wondered why Germans are so good at making cars? Well, it is hard to explain, but it is clear that they have a great sense of engineering. A great dedication is one of the key factors as well. Ordinary people usually look at the car through its styling or engine. Though, there is much more than that. There are many other parts that make the car good and shock absorbers are definitely one of the most important things.

It all started before cars even existed

When August Bilstein founded its company in 1870’s, cars practically didn’t exist. In that time, this brand was known for some other things, such as window fittings. Finally, the company entered the car industry in 1920’s. Many patented technologies gave courage to Blistein’s heirs to try in this area. Believe it or not, this first product was a bumper. Not an ordinary but chrome-plated, first of its kind in the car industry. There were few other nice products in next decades, but the real rise of this company begins in 1957.

An instant success

During 1950, Bilstein designed the first gas pressure shock absorber. Of course, the first car to get it was Mercedes. This technology was revolutionary for sure. Moreover, it proved itself during these six decades of use. That was an innovation that literally launched Bilstein to the stars. Soon after, most of the carmakers wanted these shocks installed in their products. As you presume, this remained to the present day.

Be wise, act pragmatically

For all these years, Bilstein has remained one of the true leaders in the segment. There are many reasons for that. Besides many innovations, the key to success is to act wisely. Today, this manufacturer has a wide offer of shock absorbers. Its products are present in pretty much all fields of the car industry. For passenger cars, there are numerous types of shocks that balance between performances and comfort. On the other side, there is a whole palette of products for utility vehicles. So it is not wondering that many truck makers prefer Bilstein shocks, designed especially for the off-road drive, heavy loads and hauling.

A matter of prestige

Finally, there is the motorsport segment. This is a homeland of Bilstein. A perfect field of further innovations, a matter of prestige as well. With such amazing achievements, these shocks will get you to the racing track as close as possible.

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