Maand: januari 2017

KW adjustable suspension – Essentials

Adjustable suspensions could be a great solution if you are not completely satisfied with conventional springs and shocks. This technology brings many benefits, but the most important thing is probably an easy way of use. Even when installed, you can adjust the height pretty easily. KW has always been considered as one of the leaders in this segment of the car industry. Many revolutionary design solutions refer to this brand. Their adjustable-suspension technology consists of several very interesting design solutions. Here are some of them:

Spring plate

Although this part is pretty simple, its importance is great. First of all, it keeps springs in a perfect position. Additionally, a good, aluminium-made plate reduces noise for sure.

Helper spring

We all know that main spring is the essential part of the suspension system, but helper spring plays a very important role as well. It tenses the main spring, no matter how low your car is.

Polyamide intermediate ring

Besides keeping both springs in perfect position, this part also reduces the noise. This refers to spring noise, as well the complete noise of chassis movement while cornering, braking etc.

KW Suspension BMW

Bump stop with integrated dust protection system

This part also plays an important role in the whole system. Primarily, it keeps from water and dirt. Additionally, it is usually made of some elastic material, so could be considered as a passive suspension element as well.

Composite collars for a continuous height adjustment

This is definitely one of the most interesting components of the system. Height adjustment has never been easier. Even when installed, you can adjust suspension at any time. It all goes very fast and easy, even when the spring is taut. Additionally, this part is made of polyamide composite materials. It is extremely durable, resistant to sand, dust and other dirt. You will use it without problems for many years for sure.

High-strength main spring

Spring is the essential part of every suspension. This one is made of an alloy that combines steel, chrome and silicon. It is a highly-durable spring, which won’t lose its properties for many years.

Stainless steel “inox-line” strut housing with integrated damper

Another essential part of the KW adjustable suspension. Made of stainless steel, it is 100-percent resistant to corrosion. With such amazing quality, it has a pretty much unlimited lifetime.