Maand: september 2016

AP Suspension – cheap alternative

Lowering your car could be pretty expensive, especially if you plan to use products from renowned companies. On the other side, you can always try to find some less famous brand and get a great value for the price. A good choice could be a company called AK. With 15-year experience, this company definitely offers great products for a pretty reasonable price. An almost complete suspension system is covered with their products. This includes lowering springs, as well as complete suspension kits.

AP lowering springs are one of the brand’s most popular products. Lowering always improves the look of your car. Still, this is also important when it comes to performances. A lower centre of gravity will make your cornering. So, if you look for some cheap alternative, this could be a good choice for you. These springs will lower your car for up to 60 mm. Good performances are always welcome, but this company also offers well-built products, with powder coatings for a long period of exploitation.

AP Suspension could be a perfect solution for passenger cars. A good handling is more than welcome, but we don’t want to sacrifice comfort. So, along with lowering your car for 60 mm, you can count on significantly improved performances as well. A more direct response and better stability in corners are just some of the benefits. This package includes pretty much everything you need. There are struts, damper housings and springs, all made of excellent-quality steel which provides a pretty long lifetime. A dust protection is excellent, so maintenance is not required. Finally, this set is pretty universal and can be used for many cars, including older models.

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Another great product of this manufacturer is AP Coilover kit. With this product, your car will get an adjustable suspension for a really affordable price. Besides high-quality springs, this package features a trapezoidal thread which lets you to adjust the spring perch at your preferences. With such great feature, you will be able to set up easily your suspension according to driving conditions or your preferences. After few adjustments, you will find your perfect setup for sure. Dampers are also included in this kit. They come with the advanced twin-tube technology. The company guarantees that all components are sealed, with perfect dust protection. Finally, there’s a two-year warranty on this product.

It is also important to mention that all products have German TUV certificate.