Maand: juli 2016

Eibach Sport-System-Plus – A solution for perfect handling

If you are familiar with how the car works, you probably know how important suspension is. It is one of essential parts of every car. While engine or rims usually take top spots, this aspect of the car is something extremely important in many ways. It is something that shapes your car’s character. For example, luxury cars usually come with a suspension system that includes loose springs to provide a more comfortable ride. On the other side, sports cars are pretty extreme with their tights suspension. The whole system consists of many components, but we usually talk about springs, sway bars and shocks, since those are main parts. So, if you want to give a sportier character to your passenger car, this could be a good solution. You can find many companies specialized for the car suspension. One of them is Eibach.

Founded in 1951, this company is considered as one of the most renowned manufacturers of suspension components. Its offer is wide, so you can customize your car in many ways. The whole thing about car’s suspension is to act better in situations like cornering, braking, acceleration etc. It all depends on how much extreme you want to be. If you want to find a good balance between comfort and performance, there’s a wide choice of Eibach products. On the other side, things are even better if you prefer some real street racing performances.

No matter what you decide, there are always two ways to go. You can go and buy separate components and make your own combination, but this company already offers kits that include everything you need. One of those kits is called Eibach Sport-System-Plus.

This kit is for all those who want to significantly improve handling. Moreover, you will not just get better performances, but more aggressive appearance as well. It will provide lower, more athletic look for sure.  With a lower centre of gravity, car’s body motions are minimal, so aggressive ride around corners won’t be a problem anymore. Additionally, expect a significant reduction of wind resistance, which practically means better acceleration, higher top speed, and even better fuel economy.

This kit includes specially designed springs, hydraulic twin-tube shocks and sway bars, which is everything you need to get amazing performances.