Bilstein – Germans Do It Right

Have you ever wondered why Germans are so good at making cars? Well, it is hard to explain, but it is clear that they have a great sense of engineering. A great dedication is one of the key factors as well. Ordinary people usually look at the car through its styling or engine. Though, there is much more than that. There are many other parts that make the car good and shock absorbers are definitely one of the most important things.

It all started before cars even existed

When August Bilstein founded its company in 1870’s, cars practically didn’t exist. In that time, this brand was known for some other things, such as window fittings. Finally, the company entered the car industry in 1920’s. Many patented technologies gave courage to Blistein’s heirs to try in this area. Believe it or not, this first product was a bumper. Not an ordinary but chrome-plated, first of its kind in the car industry. There were few other nice products in next decades, but the real rise of this company begins in 1957.

An instant success

During 1950, Bilstein designed the first gas pressure shock absorber. Of course, the first car to get it was Mercedes. This technology was revolutionary for sure. Moreover, it proved itself during these six decades of use. That was an innovation that literally launched Bilstein to the stars. Soon after, most of the carmakers wanted these shocks installed in their products. As you presume, this remained to the present day.

Be wise, act pragmatically

For all these years, Bilstein has remained one of the true leaders in the segment. There are many reasons for that. Besides many innovations, the key to success is to act wisely. Today, this manufacturer has a wide offer of shock absorbers. Its products are present in pretty much all fields of the car industry. For passenger cars, there are numerous types of shocks that balance between performances and comfort. On the other side, there is a whole palette of products for utility vehicles. So it is not wondering that many truck makers prefer Bilstein shocks, designed especially for the off-road drive, heavy loads and hauling.

A matter of prestige

Finally, there is the motorsport segment. This is a homeland of Bilstein. A perfect field of further innovations, a matter of prestige as well. With such amazing achievements, these shocks will get you to the racing track as close as possible.

But where to buy? The whole Bilstein catalogue (B4, B8, B12, B14 and B16) you can purchase it online here. With free mainland UK delivery.

Want more power? No problem

When someone mentions car tuning, one of the things that usually comes first to our minds is power. A powerful engine is the core of every sports car. People started to tweak their engines many years ago and there are various methods that you can use. Some of them are cheaper while some of them will cost you a real fortune. Some of them will add just a few horses, while some could make your car a real street racer. In any case, all these methods are proven and actually work. Here are some of the most common ways to increase engine power.

Air filter

Simple, cheap and effective! Moreover, you don’t need to know much about mechanics to do it right. Every engine needs to breathe and this is the perfect way to get more fresh air into your engine. Still, these filters can’t fit in the housing of the stock air filter. This could be a problem since the new one will be exposed to engine’s heat. So, some thermal isolation is highly recommended.

Exhaust system

Your engine must breathe. This includes a throw-out of hot air from the engine as well. So, for a better air-flow, some sporty exhaust system could be a very good solution. The whole point is to increase an exhaust pipe diameter. However, you must be careful with this. If you go for too big pipes, you will get more noise for sure, but the output will be decreased.


This is one of the oldest and coolest methods for getting more power. In the past, people used to modify original camshafts, which is a real old-school way. Today, there are specially designed performance camshafts, so you don’t have to bother yourself. Although an essential part of the engine, camshaft works in a pretty simple way. While spinning, it opens and shuts valves, providing enough fuel and air for the engine. It works in a specific tempo. By changing the rhythm, valves open earlier but shut later. So, the engine gets more fuel, which basically means more power.


This is probably the most efficient way to get more power. Your atmospheric engine could easily get up to 30% more horses, which makes a huge difference. Turbo sucks air to the engine, making more boost and power. Of course, an intercooler is necessary, to keep the engine from overheating. On the other side, Supercharger is belt-drive. It is a better solution for bigger engines, with six or eight cylinders. They usually don’t cause overheating and maintenance is simpler. Still, consider that this would be a great investment on your car, which means thousands of GBP.


An instant boost! On high temperatures, plenty of oxygen is released, which provides much better fuel burning. Depending on the bottle, you can get from 25 to 500 horsepower. A recommended dose for inline-four engine provides 40-60 additional horsepower. Engines with six cylinders could get up to 100 horses. However, it usually doesn’t work well in a combination with a turbocharger.

Chip tuning

Chip tuning is probably the most popular method nowadays. Benefits are numerous. First of all, you get plenty of power for a pretty affordable price. Also, there are no mechanical modifications, while the whole process is pretty simple. You just need to replace stock ECU with some more performance oriented. The result is great, especially on diesel engines, where you can get up to 30% more power.

KW adjustable suspension – Essentials

Adjustable suspensions could be a great solution if you are not completely satisfied with conventional springs and shocks. This technology brings many benefits, but the most important thing is probably an easy way of use. Even when installed, you can adjust the height pretty easily. KW has always been considered as one of the leaders in this segment of the car industry. Many revolutionary design solutions refer to this brand. Their adjustable-suspension technology consists of several very interesting design solutions. Here are some of them:

Spring plate

Although this part is pretty simple, its importance is great. First of all, it keeps springs in a perfect position. Additionally, a good, aluminium-made plate reduces noise for sure.

Helper spring

We all know that main spring is the essential part of the suspension system, but helper spring plays a very important role as well. It tenses the main spring, no matter how low your car is.

Polyamide intermediate ring

Besides keeping both springs in perfect position, this part also reduces the noise. This refers to spring noise, as well the complete noise of chassis movement while cornering, braking etc.

KW Suspension BMW

Bump stop with integrated dust protection system

This part also plays an important role in the whole system. Primarily, it keeps from water and dirt. Additionally, it is usually made of some elastic material, so could be considered as a passive suspension element as well.

Composite collars for a continuous height adjustment

This is definitely one of the most interesting components of the system. Height adjustment has never been easier. Even when installed, you can adjust suspension at any time. It all goes very fast and easy, even when the spring is taut. Additionally, this part is made of polyamide composite materials. It is extremely durable, resistant to sand, dust and other dirt. You will use it without problems for many years for sure.

High-strength main spring

Spring is the essential part of every suspension. This one is made of an alloy that combines steel, chrome and silicon. It is a highly-durable spring, which won’t lose its properties for many years.

Stainless steel “inox-line” strut housing with integrated damper

Another essential part of the KW adjustable suspension. Made of stainless steel, it is 100-percent resistant to corrosion. With such amazing quality, it has a pretty much unlimited lifetime.

AP Suspension – cheap alternative

Lowering your car could be pretty expensive, especially if you plan to use products from renowned companies. On the other side, you can always try to find some less famous brand and get a great value for the price. A good choice could be a company called AK. With 15-year experience, this company definitely offers great products for a pretty reasonable price. An almost complete suspension system is covered with their products. This includes lowering springs, as well as complete suspension kits.

AP lowering springs are one of the brand’s most popular products. Lowering always improves the look of your car. Still, this is also important when it comes to performances. A lower centre of gravity will make your cornering. So, if you look for some cheap alternative, this could be a good choice for you. These springs will lower your car for up to 60 mm. Good performances are always welcome, but this company also offers well-built products, with powder coatings for a long period of exploitation.

AP Suspension could be a perfect solution for passenger cars. A good handling is more than welcome, but we don’t want to sacrifice comfort. So, along with lowering your car for 60 mm, you can count on significantly improved performances as well. A more direct response and better stability in corners are just some of the benefits. This package includes pretty much everything you need. There are struts, damper housings and springs, all made of excellent-quality steel which provides a pretty long lifetime. A dust protection is excellent, so maintenance is not required. Finally, this set is pretty universal and can be used for many cars, including older models.

Tip: cheap AP Suspension products can be bought online at Extreme-Carstyling.

Another great product of this manufacturer is AP Coilover kit. With this product, your car will get an adjustable suspension for a really affordable price. Besides high-quality springs, this package features a trapezoidal thread which lets you to adjust the spring perch at your preferences. With such great feature, you will be able to set up easily your suspension according to driving conditions or your preferences. After few adjustments, you will find your perfect setup for sure. Dampers are also included in this kit. They come with the advanced twin-tube technology. The company guarantees that all components are sealed, with perfect dust protection. Finally, there’s a two-year warranty on this product.

It is also important to mention that all products have German TUV certificate.

Eibach Sport-System-Plus – A solution for perfect handling

If you are familiar with how the car works, you probably know how important suspension is. It is one of essential parts of every car. While engine or rims usually take top spots, this aspect of the car is something extremely important in many ways. It is something that shapes your car’s character. For example, luxury cars usually come with a suspension system that includes loose springs to provide a more comfortable ride. On the other side, sports cars are pretty extreme with their tights suspension. The whole system consists of many components, but we usually talk about springs, sway bars and shocks, since those are main parts. So, if you want to give a sportier character to your passenger car, this could be a good solution. You can find many companies specialized for the car suspension. One of them is Eibach.

Founded in 1951, this company is considered as one of the most renowned manufacturers of suspension components. Its offer is wide, so you can customize your car in many ways. The whole thing about car’s suspension is to act better in situations like cornering, braking, acceleration etc. It all depends on how much extreme you want to be. If you want to find a good balance between comfort and performance, there’s a wide choice of Eibach products. On the other side, things are even better if you prefer some real street racing performances.

No matter what you decide, there are always two ways to go. You can go and buy separate components and make your own combination, but this company already offers kits that include everything you need. One of those kits is called Eibach Sport-System-Plus.

This kit is for all those who want to significantly improve handling. Moreover, you will not just get better performances, but more aggressive appearance as well. It will provide lower, more athletic look for sure.  With a lower centre of gravity, car’s body motions are minimal, so aggressive ride around corners won’t be a problem anymore. Additionally, expect a significant reduction of wind resistance, which practically means better acceleration, higher top speed, and even better fuel economy.

This kit includes specially designed springs, hydraulic twin-tube shocks and sway bars, which is everything you need to get amazing performances.